How to Value a Hotel- An Introduction

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If someday you would like to buy your own hotel or be a hotel consultant- then a basic understanding of how to value a hotel is essential. This introductory course explains the hotel valuation process. Through the use of a real-life hotel valuation case study example, you will learn the three approaches to value and which approach is most appropriate for hotels. You will see how various forms of depreciation and obsolescence affect a hotel’s value and which form is totally incurable. Do you want to know how to build a cap rate using readily available data? You will also be able to prove that your value estimate is correct through the use of the weighted average cost of capital. This online course is taught by Steve Rushmore, MAI, the creator of the modern hotel valuation methodology, and takes about one hour to complete.

Course curriculum

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    How to Value a Hotel- An Introduction

    • Introduction to the Course and Case Study

    • Case Study Information

    • Case Study Solution- Introduction

    • Case Study Solution- Cost Approach

    • Case Study Solution- Sales Comparison Approach

    • Case Study Solution- Income Approach & Final Value